Naga Helix

It's our great pleasure to present Naga Helix, an outdoor event in Northern California with 18 hours of psytrance from the renowned act Grapes Of Wrath and favorite local talent. Our Danish friends last visited the area three years ago and have only been to the country once since then so please take advantage of this rare chance to see them perform their incredible music live.

The gathering will be in Belden, a resort town on the shores of the gorgeous Feather River Canyon alongside Highway 70. Camping and parking space is limited so please share tents and rides. It's best to arrive early to hear all the music and have more time to enjoy the area before partying. Also make sure you bring swim gear to cool off and relax on the beach!

As the 30th is Naga Panchami (Festival of the Serpent) we are honoring these animals and all they embody. The snake's regenerative powers and waved motion symbolize the eternal spiraling of universal cosmic forces. Naga, the divine serpent, also represents the dormant Kundalini energy coiled at the base of our spines which rises through and activates the chakras as we awaken to full potential. This entwined nature is also seen within the double helix of DNA, the fundamental path of life we travel towards higher levels of consciousness.

:: Live ::

Grapes Of Wrath (Parvati - Denmark)
Bodhisattva 13:20 ( - San Diego)

:: DJs ::

Amanda (Mistress of Evil - San Francisco)
Arahat (PsyberTribe - San Diego)
Parus (Auraquake - San Francisco)
Catalyx (Mindfull - Los Angeles)
Belgian Goa Madness (Mindfull - Los Angeles)
Wichdokta (Full Circle - San Francisco)
Spaceturtle (Mindfull - Los Angeles)

15,000 watt soundsystem by Full Circle

Visuals by Taber (Spun - San Francisco)

Admission is $25 until July 28 then $35 at location.
Make sure to bring a printout of your confirmation page.

Tickets also available soon at:

Ceiba Records
1364 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117