Alchemy Festival April 30 - May 2


Mighty Quinn Records, Mindfull Records, Ultraviolet Carnival, Entheogenic Garden, Terrakroma, Electronarcosis and TeknoKitchen are delighted to present the second annual Alchemy Festival, hosted at a breathtaking mountaintop location in the forest near Angels Camp, California. We invite you to share in the magic of our intentional gathering to explore sustainable, respectful and joyful ways of living together on Earth, free of limitations inherent to failing social systems. The event offers two stages of premier quality electronica, live visuals, meaningful decorations, acrobatic performances, art displays, instructional workshops, healers and vendors for food or goods.

Our mission is transcending all that blocks us from our divine purpose and dissolving illusions of separation to rediscover we are a collective cosmic family, each member vibrating at their own chord essential to achieving planetary transformation as a group. Shed the fearful, rigid seriousness of old ways to immerse yourself in the natural fluidity and spontaneous novelty of an ecstatic creator at play. Clear the path to full potential by surrendering to the freedom of love for all beings which enables your open heart to positively transmute and radiate energy back into the world.

We're poised on the climatic arc of a grand cycle when time and space fold, past and future merge, and lifetimes meld in completion. Within this culture of rapidly increasing information there is a risk of being overloaded to a point where we become lost or detached from what is real. Through the alchemy of dance we are able to awaken, heal and balance while accelerating evolution, planting seeds of a peaceful new reality. Our individual power is multiplied within the galactic grid so we may raise Earth's vibrations while riding the polar rhythms of the universe to ascension.

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Admission will be $60 at the gate.

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:: Live ::

Ocelot (Zaikadelic / Avatar / Vertigo / Dropout :: Portugal)
Tron (Nano :: Mexico)
Dog Of Tears (Xexify :: Russian River)
Dr. Paradise (PARADISE2012 :: San Francisco)
Fractal Cowboys (Manic Dragon :: San Francisco)
Ghreg On Earth (Echo Vortex :: San Francisco)
Konflux (Caliphonic / Psytribe / Phar Psyde :: Los Angeles)
ManipulatioN (Fractal Species :: SF / Azores)
Monks Of Madness (Psycircle :: San Diego)
Outersect (Heart's Eye :: San Francisco)
Schlaut (Shake Lasta / Embryo :: Los Angeles)
Smash & Grab (San Francisco)
Sunchild (Ultraviolet Carnival :: San Francisco)

:: DJ ::

A Living Earth vs. PsyLotus (UV Carnival / Caliphonic :: San Francisco)
Aerosis (Suntrip :: Los Angeles)
Armando (Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)
Arwin (Dilated Sound :: San Jose)
Blue Spectral Monkey (Metacrew / T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi / Interchill :: Portland)
Brandon (Electric Cocoon :: Los Angeles)
Chlorophil (CosmicLeaf :: San Francisco)
Clymax (Dubauchery :: San Francisco)
Collision (Mindoutpsyde :: San Francisco)
Dima & Kirill (TeknoKitchen :: San Francisco)
Egnogra (Shaman Films / Akashik :: San Francisco)
Fog (Peak / Looney Moon :: Italy)
Gamma (Stilldream :: San Francisco)
Gatto Matto (Greensector / Entheogenic Garden :: San Francisco)
God Intoxicated (Ultraviolet Carnvial / Oceanic Counsel :: San Jose)
Infinite Sun (Ultraviolet Carnival / Pulse / Synchronize :: San Francisco)
Jogo Element (New York)
Lauren Keys (Tantra / Dissolve :: Santa Cruz)
LeafyGreen (LeafyTribe / Electronarcosis :: Santa Cruz)
LeoHawk (Mighty Quinn / UV Carnival :: San Francisco / Ukraine)
Loke (Phar Psyde / Animaltreks:: Sacramento / UK)
Mahadeva (Big Island, Hawaii)
Mayur (Spectra / Psybotik :: New York, NY)
Nic Aragon (Terrakroma / Electric Cocoon :: Los Angeles)
Nicolo (Psybertribe :: San Francisco)
Night Nurse (TripleGoddess :: San Francisco)
Niki (Mighty Quinn :: New York / Japan)
Nutz (Outpost 23 :: San Francisco)
Obu (Outpost 23 :: San Francisco)
Onezie (San Francisco)
Pachakroma & Earthbag (Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)
Psychohazzard (Mind Funk / Chilluminati :: Chicago)
Sammy Bliss (Pocket Underground / The Do Lab / NinjaSkillz :: San Francisco)
Scenator (Psytribe :: Los Angeles)
Seek (Spaceship Gaia / ApplTree :: Santa Cruz)
Sentient (Alchemy :: Los Angeles)
Skyler (Electric Cocoon / Bramble Republic :: Los Angeles)
Smart Bomb (Sacramento)
Sniper (Outpost 23 :: San Francisco)
Spyros (Caliphonic / Psytribe :: Los Angeles)
Swell (Psytribe :: Los Angeles)
Synter (Caliphonic / Phar Psyde :: Los Angeles)
Tony In Orbit (Symbiosis / Goaplay :: San Francisco)
Treetop (Ultraviolet Carnival / Raw Heaven :: San Francisco)
Trinity Star (Seahorse :: Ashland)
Waater (Triplag / Metacrew :: Portland)
Willy (Electronarcosis / Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)
Xipil (Ultraviolet Carnival / Psytribe :: Los Angeles)

Forest Meadow stage sound by JK Sound

Mountain Top stage sound by Ohm Sound

Altar and Opening Ceremony by Sarai

Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres

Deco by Terrakroma, PsyLotus, Clymax and Nicolo Pastor