Alchemy Festival April 30 - May 2

Mindfull Records, Ultraviolet Carnival, Xexify and Entheogenic Garden are proud and excited to bring you the first annual Alchemy Festival, hosted at a majestic mountain top location in the forest near Angels Camp.

Our special guests for this event are the highly respected international artists Aphid Moon, Procs and Whrikk. They will deliver powerful peak experiences on the dancefloor amidst 100 hours of the finest acts available today, representing a diversity of genres from psytrance to techno to downtempo and beyond.

The Forest Stage will offer a full range of psy with some progressive and ambient on the industry leading Funktion-One sound system. The Mountain Stage features an even more eclectic lineup of prog, techno, electro, breaks, idm, dubstep, downtempo and tribal on a Mackie/B52 system. Workshops, vendors, body workers and awesome deco promise to create an inspiring environment to connect with others in the ancient alchemy of dance.

This is a private gathering of The Alchemy Collective which you can become a member of by donating $50 at the event or $40 for people with out of state ID. Join the facebook group, event guest list and rideshare group for more information, photos and discussions. You can email any questions or feedback to

Click on artist and organization names for links to their sites

:: Live ::

Aphid Moon (Nano / Aphid :: UK)
Procs (Manic Dragon :: Sweden)
Whrikk (Sanaton :: The Netherlands)
A.C. Lyon (Xexify :: San Francisco)
Androcell (Celestial Dragon :: Colorado)
Bird Of Prey (Vaporvent :: San Francisco)
Chillax'n (Logical Light :: San Francisco)
Dissolve (Tantra :: San Francisco)
Dog Of Tears (Xexify :: San Francisco)
Energy Alchemist (Mendo Tribal Werkz :: Ukiah)
FaceHead (Anomalistic :: Eugene)
Fractal Cowboys (Alpha Centauri :: San Francisco)
Ghreg On Earth (Underground Sound / Echo Vortex :: Earth)
Helios (Logical Light :: San Francisco)
Kalpataru Tree (Sunline :: Ashland)
Konflux (Psytribe / Logical Light :: Los Angeles)
Konvndrvm (Team Infinity :: San Francisco)
Nov-Sanus (BasSTAR :: San Francisco)
Parus (Auraquake :: San Francisco)
Primordial Ooze (Chilluminati :: Chicago)
Progress (Antishanti :: New York)
Openmind (Psytribe :: Los Angeles)
Schlaut (PsyBooty / Shake Lasta :: Los Angeles)
Sweatshop Boys (Xexify :: Los Angeles)
Terrakroma (Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)

:: DJ ::

Earthling (Spun :: Ibiza)
Loke (Phar Psyde :: UK)
Manipulation (Fractal Species :: Azores)
Poli (Spun :: Ibiza)
Armando (Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)
Arwin (Dilated Sound / Straylight :: Santa Clara)
Blue Spectral Monkey (Interchill :: Portland)
Brian Rae (Green Sector :: Los Angeles)
Catalyx (Mindfull :: San Francisco)
Chlorophil (Cosmicleaf :: San Francisco)
*Christine* (Mandala :: Los Angles)
Clymax (BasSTAR :: San Francisco)
Dima (TeknoKitchen :: San Francisco)
Earthbag (Terrakroma :: Los Angeles)
Fusion Babas (Ultraviolet Carnvial / Mindfull :: San Francisco)
Gatto Matto (Green Sector / Logical Light :: San Franscisco)
God Intoxicated (Ultraviolet Carnvial / Quantum Frog :: San Franscisco)
Infinite Sun (Ultraviolet Carnival / Fractal Tribe :: San Francisco)
Jon Holiday (Red Sky :: San Francisco)
Kirill (TeknoKitchen :: San Francisco)
Malacai (Sacramento)
Michael Liu (Illumination :: San Francisco)
Nealika (Psytribe :: Portland)
One-Il (S.P.A.Z. / Acidtotem :: San Francisco)
Osmia Rufia (Dirty Beats :: San Francisco)
Psynthetic (Goaplay :: San Francisco)
Punkbaba (Moon Musique :: Portland)
Rob-ot (PsyBooty :: San Francisco)
Saturnia (Mindfull / Phoenix Family :: San Francisco)
Sausee (Galaxy Unknown :: San Francisco)
Sentient (Alchemy :: Los Angeles)
Shem (Shake Lasta :: San Francisco)
Skeptych (Noizemakerz :: Los Angeles)
Sparkle (Outpost 23 :: San Francisco)
Spyros (Psytribe :: Los Angeles)
Tandava (CCC :: San Francisco)
Tarzan (Dirty Beats:: San Francisco)
Torin (Synchronize :: San Francisco)
Tryptamine (CCC :: San Francisco)
Waater Maark (Triplag / Molecular:: Portland)
Willy (Electronarcosis :: Los Angeles)

Forest stage sound by Team Infinity

River stage sound by Dilated Sound

Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres

Deco by Organic Elements, PsyLotus and Terrakroma